Growing A Sunflower – Update #1

It has been five days now since we planted a sunflower seed covered in our post Growing A Sunflower Seed – Children’s Learning Activity and this morning provided evidince that germination was successful as a couple of small green sprouts could be seen in the potting soil. We removed the seran wrap from the top of the paper cup, added a few teaspoons of water, and placed our Sunflower sprout in the window sill to garner some spring sunlight.

We will provide another update once our Sunflower is ready to be planted in a bigger container and when it blooms.


Growing A Sunflower – Children’s Learning Activity

The growth stages of a plant can be fascinating for children as they are able to watch a tiny seed turn into a living organism. In some cases the result will display beauty like the sunflower in this activity or the result will be edible like vegetables produced by a tomato plant or corn stalk. Though a plant learning exercise can require patience, it does provide both parent/teacher and child the routine activity of checking on the plant’s progress on a daily basis.

Materials Required for ‘Growing A Sunflower’

  • 3 sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 cup of potting soil
  • a small paper cup
  • 1/3 cup of luke warm water
  • saran wrap to cover the cup during germination

The Activity

With all items in the materials list present, the child should be introduced to the seeds. Then, the child can be shown the following video that will give them a vision of the sunflower learning activity and its outcome.

Once this is complete, the following steps should be followed.

1) Place potting soil into the paper cup. Do not pack it as you will want the soil to be loose.

2) Take a pencil or other narrow object and create three holes in the dirt.

3) Have the child place a seed in each hole and then cover with a little more soil.

4) Pour the water into the cup and then cover with saran wrap.

5) Place the cup on a window sill or classroom cabinet surface.

Sunflower Germination

The seeds will need to go through a germination process over the next week to two weeks. Water is extremely important during this process. This is why the cup has been covered with saran wrap in order to keep moister in the cup. Once the germination process is completed, the saran wrap will need to be removed. You can do one of two things: the first is to simply remove the saran wrap after the first week; the second is to wait until you see the seed sprouting through the dirt and then remove the wrap.

Sunflower Growth

After germination, place the sunflower in a well-lit area and provide water on a daily basis. DO NOT over water your sunflower. Once the sunflower has several inches in height, it should be transplanted to an outside flower pot or garden as your new sunflower will need room, sun, and water to flurish.